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A Guide to Arts and Crafts

Looking at the human mind, how the people have changed their lives , imagination is a vessel that can take you anywhere that you desire. For the longest time now, arts and crafts have been a way through which human beings can express themselves. Since the dawn of man, art was still in existence but very raw being that men had brains that had not advanced that much. Art means different things to different people but one thing we can all agree on is that art is a pleasant and a beautiful thing too. Whether its rage, sophistication, anger or a complex human emotion that we have no words to express, art comes in and does that for us. Art is defined by the artist and by the audience and therefore some define art as music, spoken word, paintings , glass blowing and carving e.t.c

In the recent times, a new form of art, glass blowing has come up and taken the world by storm . When we mold and blow glass, we bend it to our will and artists dealing in this technique can come up with amazing creation,this is art.

In the world of art, glassware has been used together with creative lighting and color to bring forth some amazing creations.

Arts and crafts can be found at every stage of human growth and it would be wise to let our young ones grow with a connection to art. Coordination improvements brings about fine motor skills that enhance how the body works . Crafts tend to promote your child’s ease in working with their hands which eventually makes it easy for them to perform other activities such as dressing themselves, playing and doing their laces.

Involving your child in arts and craft will also create an added means for them to communicate out because they may not always be willing to speak. Bonding with children who prefer shutting you off makes it difficult and stressful especially if it’s a parent, through interesting art and craft activities that the child may easily open up to the parent and a care taker.

No one will argue that children as young as they are, need to learn on how to make choices, involving children in arts and craft activities is a training ground for the children to learn on how to make use of visual, tactile and audio information to make decisions that affect them. We have witnessed what art can do and looking at how it diversifies with each dawn maybe it’s time we seriously learn how art will propel humanity to grater status.

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