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The Myths of Life Coaching Demystified

A number of the general populace have had some knowledge of the profession of life coaching but this notwithstanding has never quite debunked some of the misconceptions that we have on what this is all about. This degree of confusion is an expected occurrence as we have just had a rather recent introduction of this profession and still has not received much awareness in our spheres of association like corporate world and our private spheres of association. This particular article particularly focuses on the various misguided opinions on the profession of life coaches and tries to get us a clarified understanding of what life coaching is all about.

A usual misunderstanding on the profession is the equation people give it to the services of psychotherapists. Characteristically differentiating the two fields of operation is the time periods that they focus on in the therapy offered. The psychotherapist will have his solution approach to the condition before them basing their reasons on the past events of the patients before them while the life coaches will have the conditions approached with a focus on the future of the patients being the base for treatment. The life coaches will help the patients set goals for themselves and work towards achieving these particular goals with strategies set to help this be a reality.

The other myth we demystify is that of not considering life coaching as a real profession. There are schools and professional programs actually set up to credential life coaching as a profession. The trade of life coaches is witnessing a widening space for acceptance and professional outlook as there are several businesses and individuals who are calling for the certification of the life coaches prior to admission for practice.

Do not get misled to think that life coaches are only meant for the class of executives and celebrities. The fact that this profession has in most cases been associated with the executive class and the celebrity status personalities, there are still some who will offer their services for the common needs of a more ordinary nature. These services will also come at very affordable rates to the general public and equally available.

You will find some confused over this profession thinking it has a lot to do with spirituality. The skills for life improvement afforded by the life coaches will in most cases be of little spiritual leaning sometimes completely lacking yet very practical all the same. The mind-body-spirit connection of the therapy will be the side product of the whole therapeutic process.

Now with a better view of the whole process, you can now face the real process with a relative degree of knowledge of the whole therapy as we have debunked most of the common misconceptions.

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