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The Plus Factors of Using Frameless Shower Doors There are two options that you can choose from when it comes to the installation of glass shower door, it could be frameless or those framed shower doors. The type of shower door that you are going to subscribed to will rely on your preferences as well as the style of the bathroom you have. If you want to have a modern look for your bathroom then you must go for frameless shower doors. This type of shower doors are attached to the wall of the shower room and this is usually thick sheet of glass that keeps the water spray from coming in contact of the outer area of the shower room. The edge of these doors have no metal frame associated with it. When it comes to the thickness of the glass used for the shower doors, it could as thick as 3/8 inches or1/2 inches, To make sure that the frameless doors are in position the hinges are used. It is also possible to use doors that are transparent, etched that forms patterns or those that are clouded, well the decision is yours to make. The first benefit that one can obtain from using this type of shower door is aesthetic appeal. Frameless shower glass doors is perfect for those who want to keep up with the minimalist trend that is happening these days. The best way to exude style and appeal to your shower area is the use of frameless doors. Another perks of using a clear glass is the fact that it match perfectly to any type of tile and flooring you have unlike those framed glass shower doors that requires you to choose the most appropriate framing color.
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Initially, you might spend a little higher for this type of shower doors compared to the framed types but in the long run you’ll see this is actually cost – effective. Installing them will definitely increase the property value of your home. Compared to the framed shower doors, they are four times durable thus require lesser maintenance services. Since the framed doors have more parts they are prone to damaged and breakage.
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Cleaning this type of shower doors is easy and the maintenance services it needs is minimal. The best way to keep them clean all the time is to clean them immediately right after you shower. What you can do is spray the doors with cleaning agent or a shower cleanser. Afterwards you have to squeeze the cleanser until it reaches the bottom portion of the door.