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Understanding Freight Load Boards The trucking industry is littered by a number of brokers and carriers who are the key players in this industry with each one playing a particular role. the ones who are in charge of looking for freight and matching them with trucks are known as the brokers. carriers foresee the delivery of goods and services to their required destination. it is no doubt that it was difficult to connect people with freight with those who had the trucks. the business connections between the brokers and the carriers relied on trust for the relationships to survive. this relationships were successful enough to lead to them widening their business networks. Fax, emails and phone calls were the main means of communication though it was costly. Things were set to take a new turn with the onset of the internet use in the world that changed the way people do business. people with businesses opted to use the internet resources to market their products. it was much effective to do business over the internet.
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load board websites had to be developed in order to meet each businesses needs the load board sites were for the purpose of marketing the freights and trucks to the members of the transport family. These websites led to substantial benefits to the concerned firms as they were able to reach a wider freight market and a lot of money and time was saved while carrying out these operations.
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it is known that nothing in this life can plainly have advantages only. it was imminent that the large number of users made it impossible for the companies to know who they made transactions with. Trust became an issue and both the carriers and the brokers were worried whether either of the clients will act as duly expected. it is no doubt that the carriers doubted whether they’ll be paid and the brokers worried whether their goods will arrive at the expected destination on time. Social platforms on the internet were established that brought back the ability to build on relationships hence trust could be established. twitter, facebook, skype and youtube were among the social platforms that enabled relationships to be built. this platforms enabled people become partners as it fostered good relationships. Freight matching communities were now established. freight matching technology become possible with the mash up of freight matching technology and social networking. the trading communities were made up of carriers and brokers who were very well known to each other, the communities were therefore private. freight matching communities is vital for a business’s success loadboard technology has a future in the freight matching communities.