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Why You Need a Private Tour To Vietnam

Following the famous American war, the Republic of Vietnam has in a great way gotten back to life, and it is full of hope. Found on the south coast of Asia, Vietnam is a destination that is charming to many tourists from all over the world. For the first time visitors, the country offers experiences that you would not think of and ones that are not easy to forget. If you have not been planning to visit this great nation, here are some reasons why you need to have your next vacation here.

The reception by the Vietnamese people will amaze you. Vietnam happen to be among the countries in the world whose citizens are the best host to the foreign tourists. It is believed that there are about 86 million inhabitants of this nation. The large population is made of 50 sub-cultures. You will not have enough time to have a taste of each different cultural experiences. It is a vibrant country regarding culture. You will have fun trying new and unique culinary. You cannot help to enjoy traveling by bikes and bicycles.

Transportation is also very affordable and available to and within the country. Major airlines are offering attractive airfares worth exploring and which are pocket-friendly. Roads are well established to the various attraction sites in the nation. The railway transport is also available for those who would prefer it. The country which is located on the coast makes use of cruise ship, and other water transports means convenient to use. Despite the many international airports, the country has very many airstrips where small crafts can land. Where to spend your nights should not be a worry because the hotels that are available in Vietnam are not only classy but also found in large numbers.

You cannot mention all the touristic places that are found in Vietnam. You will first land in the city of Hanoi. It is the city that boasts of the pagodas, the lake dynasty temple, a lot of heritage monuments and French era villas. Ha Chi Minh is a neighboring city of Hanoi. It is currently the biggest city and is set near the great Saigon River. The next destination to travel is the Cat Ba Island. The mountainous island is the major tourist destination. Taking a holiday and not going to Ha Long Bay will not sound very nice. You can have quality leisure time and entertainment when you go to Ha Long Bay. You will also kite surf in Mui Ne, trek in Sapa and many more activities in the country.