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Macular Degeneration: What You Need To Know Macular degeneration is an age related medical condition that affects older adults. Having this condition can result to vision loss. Although this is different from other conditions that also affect the vision due to the fact that it causes losing the center visual field. This part of the eyes is called macula and due to the retina damage, loss of vision will happen. There are 2 forms which is the wet and dry foam. If a person is over fifty years of age, there is high risk that the person will have it. Having macular degeneration that affects the central vision of a person, it is hard for them to read and even recognize people and places. There is still a good thing with macular degeneration, and this is because the peripheral vision is still intact the person can still handle his daily tasks. With the dry version of macular degeneration which is also called nonexudative is also caused by the buildup of debris between the choroid and retina. The debris that buildup between the retina and choloid in the dry form is Drusen that causes the retina to be detached and can cause the symptoms of blindness. Wet form of macular degeneration or also called as exudative is caused by blood vessels to grown behind the retina. This grow in the choroid area. The macular degeneration is this form can be treated using medication and laser coagulation. This type of treatment can either help stop the growth or can reverse the growth of the blood vessel that can use blindness.
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If you see any yellow deposits in the macula, then you have to know that this is the sign of macular degeneration. The yellow deposits that is found is the macula is what makes the drusen. Most people who are in the early stage do not notice the difference in their eyesight. The person may only notice that they are having problem when the condition is already worst and that deposit have already increased. It is believed that the yellow deposits are actually cholesterol but it is still unconfirmed by scientists and there is also a possibility that by using cholesterol lowering treatments it will respond.
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Exudative form of age related macular degeneration or neovascular or also called as neovascular AMD is also caused by the growth of blood vessels. With this, there is a high risks that it can leak and could cause bleeding and can even cause scarring and could eventually damage and it can be irreversible. You do not have to worry If you have these type of macular degeneration because today there is a new medication that will help in dealing with this form of AMD.