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Medical sharp wastes are some dangerous material that have a high possibility of causing harm to the skin and in most scenarios can contain dangerous unclean fluids which are harmful to the body. Health centers and pharmacies have to be extra cautious with how they get rid of the waste. There are various types of wastes that are from such medical set ups which must be disposed well to avoid much danger. Among the wastes are the sharp equipment that form the major medical wastes.

Several healthcare personnel operate equipment’s such as needles, syringes not forgetting scalpels causing them to be highly exposed to risk of pathogens arising from injuries instigated by sharp equipment’s. It therefore calls for a proper disposal of sharp equipment and should not be disposed together with other wastes that are not sharp since they can easily cut or prick someone if carelessly handled. It is thus a critical thing for health clinics, practices, surgery centers as well as other companies that produce polluted needles as well as syringes to discard some of medical sharps waste in a correct manner.

Containers of specific nature have been made to assist the nurses and doctors in disposing sharp wastes. It is thus a requirement that all used needle and sharp objects to be disposed in the containers. Overfilling the containers increases the risk of injury. It is required that the contents of the container to be disposed when they are three quarter full. One should be keen enough when disposing the sharp objects to ensure that the objects does not spill off.It thus require the health worker to follow the guiding principles of disposing the contents as directed by the health facility. The sharp waste containers is required to be labeled on the most visible sides to minimize the possibilities of confusion. Since bold format makes the texts to be easily visible, it is thus advised to be used in making the writing. Wrong disposal of waste is thus prevented by this act.

The containers should also be fitted with tops and made of materials that are not easily pierced by the sharp objects.It therefore calls for a strong material.These containers should also be placed inside the rooms of the medical practitioners to enable the dispose of the wastes immediately they are through with them. The containers should also be made with sterilizers responsible for making the fluids on the sharp waste less harmful. This is so due to the high increase of diseases that are easily spread by exposing ones internal organs with the infected blood. Companies making the containers should ensure that they make containers that ensure high protection against the sharp wastes.

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