5 Best Residential Localities in Bangalore

residential localities in Bangalore

Bangalore, also called The IT Hub of India, houses nearly all IT pros and students. Due to the nice weather and the cosmopolitan culture, Bangalore is a good spot to have a home in. Because the IT sector reaches its optimum and also, this city is packed with IT companies, you will see folks from all places living here. If you’re planning to proceed to this city, there are a great number of places which can suit you best according to your finances and also, according to your need. Let’s take a look at 5 Best Residential Localities in Bangalore:

1. Koramangala: If you wish to live a lavish lifestyle, then this place is an improved option for you. Koramangala is counted in another of the Bangalore’s best personal neighborhoods. This place is packed with several upscale personal apartments. A lot of restaurants and stores can be found here. Among South India’s biggest stores, “The Messageboard Mall”, is also found in Koramangala. Also, there is absolutely no issue of transfer facilities as this place is linked to the complete Bangalore through main streets.

2. Whitefield: This place is also an IT Hub as the office buildings of several top-notch Software companies can be found here. Various experts employed in those companies have a home in Whitefield only scheduled to which this place has seen a growth in the personal sector lately. Whitefield is also counted among the list of costliest places of Bangalore to reside in. Additionally, it is well linked to the major areas as it is a junction of two major highways joining Hyderabad and Vizag. Electronic City and Marathahalli are also like Whitefield to purchase a number of Software Companies. IT experts from around India stay in these areas.

3. MG Street: In the event that you live with your loved ones and want to declare your son or daughter in one of the better universities of Bangalore, then MG Highway is an improved option. Reputed colleges like St. Josephs, Bishop Cottons, etc., are around MG Highway. Also, if you are someone who wants to spend the amount of time in shopping and films, then this place is also packed with restaurants, eateries, theaters, stores, etc. No concern in connection as this place has two metro channels which hook up it to East and Western world Bangalore.

4. Indira Nagar: Among the posh regions of Bangalore, Indira Nagar is a preferred location to reside in for many individuals. Lying down in the center of Bangalore, this place is linked to all or any the major commercial areas including IT hubs and it, itself, is one of the busiest commercial regions of Bangalore. A lot of restaurants, leisure joint parts and malls can be found here. Bommanahalli metro train station is the nearest metro train station to Indira Nagar which attaches it to all or any sides of Bangalore.

5. Banashankari: If you wish to have a home in a peaceful locality, then Banashankari is your best option for you. This place has several open public parks where you can spend an excellent time. There are also various old temples found in Banashankari. Whether it be restaurants, educational corporations, shopping malls, this place offers every facility you will need to lead an appropriate life. Also, you don’t have to fret about the budget as you will get accommodations differing from low to modest rentals.

So, if you’ve planned to go to Bangalore, this city offers everything that you want to lead an appropriate and peaceful life. Often, when you seek out an accommodation, you see unfurnished rooms or flats. And, buying new furniture can be quite costly for you. Don’t be concerned, there are many possibilities where you can also lease furniture in Bangalore. In this manner, you may lead a life according to your decision without burning up an opening in your pocket. So, load up your handbags and welcome the change without fretting about anything.